Is The Xbox One Going to Overtake the PS4 in 2015?

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Is The Xbox One Going to Overtake the PS4 in 2015?

This has been an important year for gaming consoles. Changes are happening, and new things are developing, which leaves the gamers wondering how will it affect them and their favorite consoles? There was always rivalry between the PS4 and the Xbox One. So far the PS4 has proven to be more popular with the game console fans, but now tides seem to be turning in favor of the Xbox One.

So far, PS4 was always ahead compared to its rival. Some of the reasons for this might be Microsoft’s incomplete xbox-one1DRM (Digital Rights Management) policies, the fact that they wouldn’t sell consoles without the Kinect until recently, and a few more other issues such as resolutiongate. Due to so many weaknesses, Xbox One was not very popular, and Sony was leading the race.

But all that has changed since the Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as E3 from this year. The Xbox One had an amazing increase in sales over the past year. Compared to the E3 from 2014 the sales went up 79%, and in June all together 51%. Another 22% increase was in the number of active users of the console in June.

Furthermore, during the E3 2015, the PS4 hasn’t sold as many consoles as the Xbox One did. The last time that happened was in April this year. Some experts believe that this is due to the Xbox One’s new upgrades that made the fans feel safer and at ease about their next generation console purchase.

However, the PS4 was still number one on the charts in June. The Xbox One could have probably won, but the PS4PS4 had an offer that was just too good to pass on. They offered The Batman: Arkham Knight Game to be bought along with the system. But the great part was that it was sold for the price of the system alone. So you get the game and the system for the price of one.

Nevertheless, the race is still on and it’s getting more and more interesting, as the numbers are closing in, compared to their sales at the start of their existence. There has been an increase of the Xbox One console sales, and they are being sold more rapidly than the PS4 consoles.

All this considered has left fans wondering who is will win the console wars. This isn’t an easy question. In most ways, each company benefited from the E3. Nintendo satisfied its fans, Sony got its Japanese fans. Microsoft scooped up the rest, mainly because of the VR fans with their contracts with xbox-oneOculus, and Xbox 360 fans who are looking to quit backward compatibility. But, there were some disagreements about Sony’s deal with Activision to get Call of Duty on their console first.

Since the sales of the Xbox One have increased by over 50%, it is very likely that it will take over and win against the PS4. However, it might not happen, due to market saturation in consoles. If Microsoft wants to keep the increase up and rising, it will have to take the first place soon.

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